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1. Juli 2019 by
Juergen Graner 1 of 9

“Strategies and plans are the most important drivers for business success, but only if they consider the implementation hurdles.”

1. Juli 2019 by
Juergen Graner 2 of 9

“People make the numbers, not the other way around.”

1. Juni 2019 by
Juergen Graner 3 of 9

“Thorough expectation management is the fuel for success in relationships.”

1. Mai 2019 by
Juergen Graner 4 of 9

“Business would be really easy without the “human factor“ from employees and customers.”

1. April 2019 by
Juergen Graner 5 of 9

“Too much focus on e-mailing and texting is one of the biggest sources of misunderstandings in today’s world.”

1. Februar 2019 by
Juergen Graner 6 of 9

“People learn more from their failures than from their successes.”

1. Januar 2019 by
Juergen Graner 7 of 9

“Really great leaders can also be great followers if the situation requires it.”

1. Dezember 2018 by
Juergen Graner 8 of 9

“Determination, critical self-assessment and patience are the key ingredients for success.”

1. Oktober 2018 by
Juergen Graner 9 of 9

“When frustration or anger emerges, take a break and thoroughly consider the other perspective before you embark on a...